For five decades we have partnered with intrepid founders to build iconic companies that made history. Today, Kleiner Perkins continues that legacy, investing in founders with bold ideas that span industries and continents, partnering with them from inception to IPO and beyond to maximize the potential of their ideas… and make history.


To be the first call for founders who want to make history and to partner with them as company builders in pursuit of that goal.


Moral compass

Our North Star is serving humanity with the tools at our disposal — people, technology and capital — and we work with founders who share this compass.


Building a company is a long journey that demands courage to make difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions. We have traveled this road many times and have a deep understanding of the challenges facing founders.


We never forget that we are here to serve founders and their teams to help them get through the biggest challenges. We take nothing for granted and never assume we have all the answers.

Winning as a mindset

We are as ambitious as our founders and know winning requires passion, grit, and dynamic and orthogonal thinking that comes from diverse expertise and experience.